Your Loved One Probably Hasn't Seen These Cards Before

Purchase blank notecards made by The Cinnamon Sisters and Sophisticated Ladies

Hand-drawn and embellished with items like ribbons and feathers, the cards at Foot Traffic & Accessories, Inc. are a work of art. Each card is funky, fun and, most importantly, unique - perfect for loved ones who appreciate one-of-a-kind letters.

Please note, the cards in our inventory might look slightly different than the ones pictured on our website. Pick up one of every style from Foot Traffic & Accessories today.

All that's missing is your message

Have you ever found what looked like the perfect card for your loved one, only to be disappointed by the cheesy message inside? That won’t be a problem when you pick up a blank card made by The Cinnamon Sisters and Sophisticated Ladies.

Put in a custom message, such as…

  • Thank you
  • Happy birthday
  • Season’s greetings
  • Happy Mother’s Day

Order multiple cards from Foot Traffic & Accessories today so you’ll always have one handy.